1.1 These General Terms & Conditions apply to all offers, bookings and agreements relating to all accommodations that are rented out by Curacao Island Rentals B.V. (CIR) or its affiliates and must be accepted by the Guest. “The Guest” represents the head tenant and his travel party.
1.2 Agreements deviating from these General Terms & Conditions are only valid if agreed upon in writing by all parties.
1.3 By completing payment of rental fee(s) or (security) deposit, these terms and conditions are considered accepted by the parties involved.

2.1 CIR will only accept reservations from persons of 18 years or older. Bookings by persons under that age will be invalid.
2.2 CIR always reserves the right -without reason- to refuse a booking.
2.3 The agreement between the Guest and CIR will be established the moment CIR has accepted the Guests booking and requested the first payment.
2.4 The minimum stay is seven (7) nights. If CIR accepts a shorter stay a surcharge may be applied depending on season and accommodation.
2.5 Rates, seasons and availability are subject to changes and may be subjected to a minimum number of nights.

3.1 After the Guests booking is accepted by CIR, the down payment of 50% must be made within 24 hours. If your arrival is within 60 days, the full payment of 100% must be made within 24 hours.
3.2 Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card (VISA-MasterCard 3D Secure Code). All banking cost are for sender. Full payment must be received in order to get access to the accommodation.
3.3 A refundable security deposit is due before check in. The amount depends on the accommodation and duration of stay. The security deposit will be reimbursed within 7 days after check-out if no damage or over usage occurred.

4.1 Notification of modification needs to be presented to CIR in writing.
4.2 CIR cannot guarantee nor can be obligated to accept modifications once the Guest has agreed to the General Terms & Conditions. It is at the discretion of CIR to determine how and to what extent those modifications are accepted.
4.3 Any possible changes in your reservation are based on availability. CIR will not charge a modification fee. If we can rebook your stay for you, it will be at the applicable rates of the new date of stay and number of guests.
4.4 Each accommodation may be inhabited by the maximum number of people stated in on the website. It is not allowed to invite more guests than indicated on your booking confirmation. CIR has the right to refuse access to the accommodation if this condition is violated.

5.1 Notification of cancellation must be reported to CIR in writing immediately, but no later than 3 working days after the event took place which caused the cancellation.
5.2 The booking cancellation terms are specified per accommodation and listed in the booking confirmation.
5.3 Cut off time is midnight Curacao (-4 AST) on the specified ultimate date.
5.4 In the event of a cancellation, a cancellation fee applies of USD 150.00.
5.5 The Guest is responsible for taking out a valid travel- and cancellation insurance for the entire travel party.

6.1 The Guest agrees that CIR and it’s officers shall not be liable for losses, damages (including attorney’s fees, court costs, and consequential damages), or failure to perform in whole or in part resulting from causes beyond its control (Force Majeure) , including but not limited to, strike, fire, natural disaster, weather conditions, flood, pandemic, power outages, embargoes, explosion, maritime peril, act by a public enemy, war, riot, fire, change of law or permissions. CIR will inform the Guest within 14 days after the event occurred which was caused by the Force Majeure.

7.1 CIR is not liable for theft (including theft from safe), loss or damage either to property or persons, of whatever kind, during or due to a stay at the accommodation. Nor does CIR assures staying at the accommodation meets any expectations the Guest may have or had.
7.2 Liability for damages due to loss of enjoyment and business - and other possible damages, are excluded under all circumstances. CIR is furthermore in no way liable for any damages for which a claim to compensation exists in respect of a travel- and/or cancellation insurance.
7.3 CIR is not liable for interruptions in service, or defects in the services provided by third parties.
7.4 The Guest is liable for any loss or damage to the accommodation, whether as a result of acts or omissions of the Guest including his travelling companions and/or third party that are present on the resort with your consent.
7.5 By agreeing to these terms you give permission to safeguard CES of all claims for damage to third party that are (partly) the result of any act or omission by you, your traveling companions or third parties who are present on the resort with your consent.
7.6 Failure to leave the accommodation in an orderly manner, including but not limited to excessive pollution, extra costs will be charged to you which you are obliged to pay.

8.1 All rates are published in USD and subject to 7% tax.
8.2 Standard rates are based upon an occupancy of 2 persons. Rates may vary depending on the number of guests and the season. Children 0-2 stay free of charge. Baby bed and highchair are available upon request and free of charge.
8.3 Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
8.4 Additional charges apply when electricity over usage occurs. Limit of usage vary per accommodation and are specified on the website.

9.1 The Guest will use the accommodation and the common areas (like hall, garden, stairs, beach, pool etc.) in a correct manner. He will not use the accommodation for running any commercial business including but not limited to (illegal) prostitution.
9.2 CIR reserves the right to end the stay immediately and charge a USD 200.00 fine when nuisance is caused by the Guest.
9.3 Smoking and/or burning candles is strictly forbidden in all accommodations. CIR reserves the right to end the stay immediately and charge a USD 200.00 fine when the Guest does not comply by this term.
9.4 Pets are not allowed in any accommodation. CIR reserves the right to end the stay immediately and charge a USD 200.00 fine when the Guest does not comply by this term.
9.5 It is strictly forbidden for the Guest to sublease the apartment/villa to third parties.

10.1 The Guests must abide by the house rules of the resort. CIR reserves the right to remove you from the resort if you do not oblige to these rules and/or not follow instructions from the CIR staff. In this case, no refund or restitution of the paid rental fee will be granted.
10.2 For necessary maintenance work, the Guest will allow work to be done without the right of compensation.

11.1 The Guest, named on the confirmation/invoice, is responsible and liable for all inhabitants of the rented accommodation for an orderly course of events in and around the leased accommodation or elsewhere in the resort. Damage, breakage and/or loss of inventory and/or accommodation will be covered by the security deposit and/or paid for by main tenant on the spot unless it can be proved that the damage, breakage and/or loss is not due to the fault or negligence of main tenant or of the members of his party.
11.2 In case the accommodation is left in extraordinary filthy state an extra fee will be charged to the Guest. The fee will be equal to the actual costs made to clean the accommodation and will be retained from the security deposit.
11.3 In case of lost keys and/or remote control a charge will be applied to replace the items conform cost price.
11.4 In case of any damages in the accommodation or other issues/complaints the Guest is required to inform CIR immediately, so action can be taken instantly in order to solve the situation as soon as possible within the limits of the possibilities.
11.5 It is strictly forbidden for the Guest to carry out repairs and/or to make changes or adjustments in the accommodation (including but not limited to drilling holes in walls, painting the walls). In case this happens, the Guest will be liable for total repair costs.
11.6 It is strictly forbidden for the Guest to change the furniture and/or utensils and/or to remove the furniture and/or utensils from the apartment/villa.
11.7 CIR declines all responsibility for loss of and/or damage to the Guest’s properties in case of (but not limited to) fire and/or theft.

A refundable security deposit is due before or at check in of USD 500.00 unless otherwise specified. The refundable security deposit will be fully refunded within 7 days after departure, unless there were costs of damages, replacements or open balances including over usage of utilities that must be deducted from this deposit.

13.1 Check in time is at 4.00 PM, check out time is at 11.00 AM. A guaranteed late check out can be established by booking an extra night. In any other case other times are possible depending on arriving or departing guests. A surcharge may apply.
13.2 The Guest must remove all trash to the designated garbage area at the parking lot.

14.1 Weekly cleaning is included in the rental fee and planned after every 7th night. Weekly cleaning includes a change of bed linen and beach towels free of charge.
14.2 Additional cleaning is available upon request and against a surcharge depending on the accommodation.
14.3 Each accommodation has one designated parking space.