You may have booked your trip to Curacao already, if you haven’t you can have a look at our properties here. If you’re looking for things to do during your stay at Curacao, we have made a top 10 with must visit hotspots on the island to help you plan your dream vacation.

1. Beaches
What you should absolutely do when you are on Curacao is visit some of the beaches. The island has many beautiful beaches where you can snorkel and enjoy underwater life. You will see beautiful colorful tropical fish and maybe even a sea turtle! Take a (rental) car or bus to Westpunt where you can find several beautiful beaches such as Playa Kalki, Grote Knip, Cas Abao and Playa Porto Mari. You can often rent a sunbed with a palapa(umbrella) for a few guilders for the entire day.

2. Willemstad
What you certainly shouldn’t miss during your stay in Curacao is a visit to Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. Willemstad has a rich history with Dutch and Spanish influences which are still clearly visible. Willemstad is divided in 2 parts East side Punda, West side Otrobanda with in the middle the Sint Anna Bay famous for the Handelskade with its colorful houses, the Queen Emma pontoon bridge aka “swinging old lady” or “Pontjesbrug”. The bridge opens to let ships go out to the ocean or into the bay. During this time small ferry’s take passengers across the bay. You can explore the city on your own, but you can also book a tour with a guide. In Punda you will find the oldest Synagogue on the American continent called Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue which is still in use. Otrobanda is famous for its beautiful mural paintings and renovated authentic houses.

3. Christoffelpark
The Christoffelpark is the largest and most biodiverse nature park on the island. At the park you will find stunning nature, the Christoffel Mountain, beautiful birds, deer, and wonderful hiking trails. There are tours available like guided hikes and seasonal activities. If you are not into hiking, you can also drive through the park by car to enjoy the amazing views and interesting stops. If you are going to climb the Christoffel Mountain; start at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat of the day and bring along enough water, sunscreen good walking shoes. (Not flip flops).

4. Shete Boka National Park
Not far from Christoffel Park you’ll find Shete Boka National Park. The open landscape provides beautiful long vistas of the rugged and rocky North coast of Curacao. See the impressive force of nature through the waves crashing on the rocks. There are two hiking trails that will lead you to the beautiful hotspots in the park. The inlets in the park are protected turtle breeding areas.

5. Klein Curacao
Klein Curacao is located about 10 kilometers southeast of Curacao. It's a small uninhabited island with a beautiful white beach and crystal-clear blue water. You can book various day tours on a catamaran or a yacht. It is a long day with an early start and challenging trip upstream, but most certainly worth it. All tours have breakfast, lunch and drinks are included in the package. When you have arrived on the Klein Curacao, you can check out the old lighthouse, the shipwrecks or enjoy the beach and go snorkeling and maybe see some sea turtles. At Klein Curacao you will enjoy the real island feeling.

6. Mambo Beach Boulevard
Mambo Beach Boulevard is the place to be during happy hour. On this pleasant boulevard with beach strip, you will find nice shops, beach bars and fine international restaurants. Mambo Beach offers a vibrant night live with live music at certain days of the week. Enjoy a cocktail or cold Curacao beer called Brasa while enjoying the breathtaking sunset. Mambo Beach is also the perfect place for a relaxing beach day. Curacao Ocean Resort is in walking distance from Mambo Beach Boulevard.

7. Seaquarium
At the Curacao Seaquarium you will find a great variety of marine life and other animals like flamingos. You may interact with some of the animals if you wish. This is a nice getaway for the entire family, entertainment for young and old. The Seaquarium is in walking distance from the Curacao Ocean Resort.

8. Kura Hulanda Museum
If you are into history and culture, you can combine your visit to Willemstad with a stop at the Kura Hulanda Museum. This museum provides impressive inside information about the history of Trans-Atlantic slave trade and Antillean art. Fat a small extra fee, you can be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will tell you more details about this part of history.

9. Hato Caves
The Hato Cave is over 300.000 years old and the biggest cave on the island. Remarkable about the emerging of this cave is the spontaneous creation of small walking paths which makes walking around easy. The entrance of the cave can be reached by stairs, 49 steps up. Guided tours are available and take approximately 45 minutes.

10. Buggy Adventures
If you like some action, a buggy or quad tour is the activity for you. Raise your adrenaline and explore the wild side of Curacao! These types of tours are guided and take you to the most beautiful spots on the island and cool sights such as caves, beaches, and nature reserves. This adrenaline-boosting activity is highly recommended if you like action and want to discover the island in a different way.