Rent out your property

Better return on your investment?


Congratulations! You are probably already a property owner of a tropical condo or villa on our beautiful Caribbean island Curacao. Being a property owner is one thing, being a successful property owner another.

Let the Curacao Island Rental Team assist you and give you peace of mind.

Established in 1998 we have gained many years of experience in both the real estate business as well as the property management industry on Curacao. We use this experience to serve our clients, both owners and guests, as accurate and professional as possible.

Curacao Island Rentals likes to welcome new projects and properties with an open approach. We try to achieve this by offering every individual property owner a custom made business plan to achieve a better return on investment through a higher occupancy rate and a professional approach towards the potential tenants.

We find it very important that the property owner is involved in this process by clearly pointing out his wishes and expectations. After all, the owner is the one who has made the investment and is proud of it. From this clear base the Curacao Island Rentals Team will put in every effort to find the ideal marketing mix for each property in order to meet the expectations and find the road to success in good cooperation.

Sit back and relax! – You deserve it!

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