Curacao is blessed as many as 35 plus beautiful beaches. The coastline is unique in each wind direction, providing its own characteristic features and wide variety of spectacular bays and beaches. Pristine, rocky cliffs, big surf, placid waters, sandy bays its all there to be discovered by you. Some beaches ask a small entrance fee plus a fee for lounge beds.

Here the top 10 of most popular beaches:

Cas Abao

Pristine white sandy beach with stunning views over the azure blue ocean. Both locals and tourists love this beach because of its beauty provided by the contract between the ocean and white sandy beach. Best to arrive early in the morning to have the best shady spots.

Kenepa Grandi aka Grote knip

The number one picture perfect beach on Curacao. Literally the best spot to take that perfect photo to bring home your memories. Kenepa Grandi is actually one of 2 beaches at this area together with the smaller Kenepa Chiki. Popular beaches with the locals bringing their own food and drinks to enjoy during the day.

Seaqurium Beach aka Mambo Beach

Large bay with sandy beach located next to the Seaquarium. The beach features the Mambo Beach Boulevard with many restaurants, small shops and kiosks where you can buy or rent water sports gear making it the perfect beach for families. The beach offers several beach bars as well.

Porto Mari

Well maintained long beach with pier and several food and beverage options. This beach is very popular with divers and beautiful both above and below the surface. Enough shady spots and a great platform in the water making it more fun for kids.


Very nice beach for lounging and relaxing with a great restaurant overlooking the light and dark blue ocean. Comfortable lounge beds with side tables under large palapa’s. Walking down to the beach is a spectacular experience with its gorgeous view. A few steps take you down to the ocean, not suitable for small kids.

Klein Curacao

If you love the ocean and remote places, make sure you book a trip to Klein Curacao. It is a small deserted island to the East coast of Curacao with a wonderful long beach with white powdery sand. The waters surrounding the island are pristine and full of ocean life. One of the most beautiful places for snorkeling and diving with often sea turtles and dolphins playing around.

Playa Lagun

Hidden gem beach between 2 coves with white sandy beach and well known for its sea turtle population. Go in the morning and bring your snorkeling gear. At the little bar and restaurant, taking the stairs up, you can also see the turtles often.

Blue Bay Beach

This beach is located at a closed community and loved by families. The large bay features a white sandy beach and the entrance to the water is easy and not deep or steep. Perfect for little kids to play. There are many palm trees for shade and a restaurant and bar.

Barbara Beach

Greatly loved by upscale locals who visit the area on Sundays and ty their boats to the long pier along the entire beachline. Lots of music, food and drinks in a wonderful atmosphere. The perfect relaxation in the Santa Barbara area. The beach is known for its Divi Divi trees offering a nice shady spot.

Jan Thiel Beach

Nice beach at Jan Thiel Bay with so many things to do. Loved by tourists due to the large lounge beds with top taking care of the perfect spot for a day at the beach. There is beach volleyball, watersports activities, dive shop and many restaurants and beach bars. Busy usually with many tourists enjoying their vacation.